New Name

Yes, it’s been semi-officially decided that we will now go by the name Cast Iron.  We like it.  It does mean that our sites are a bit of a mess right now.  Please excuse us while we clean that up.

News and Blues

It’s been a while since we’ve caressed you with our sweet words.  So here’s what’s going on.

Eric and I have been in the studio recording our friends Abstract Verses and The Love Club.  You should dig them sometime.  Both of those recordings should be around in the near future, so prepare yourselves.

We’ve just added a new member, Alex Wilson, to our permanent line up.  Most of the time he’ll be banging on drums.  We have a couple recordings in the works with the new sound so stay tuned.  Since we have evolved into a three-piece, eschewing the hipness of the two-piece, entering god-knows-what, we are in the need of new scientific and common names.  This evolutionary being is no longer classified under Pan Folkus.  We are….

well, you’ll have to wait a while longer.  Luckily, Pan Folkus is not going extinct, we’ll be around in your local zoo with our normal antics.  That of course makes Alex the missing link, bringing higher existence to apes.

Finally, we just made a new friend, at least we hope we can call her that, the writer of “Don’t Wanna Be Your Man,” Jenny Arson.  She happened upon our thievery, and instead of lopping off our hands sent us a lovely message.  So you should click the link on her name and learn all about her.

First Person Arts Festival

Monkees of Folk will be playing as part of the First Person Arts Festival, which is taking place in Philly this November.  We will be playing at the Khyber Upstairs as an after party for the event Troubadours: Film Screening and Folk Concert (we’re the folk concert, by the way).  The  film is about the Troubadour and all of the great artists who passed through it’s doors.  The screening is at the Christ Church Neighboorhood House at 3pm ($15).  The show is free but 21+.  We recommend you go see the film, then come see us, and while you’re at it check out the other great events that make up the festival.

October Shows

Hey Everybody, Monkees of Folk has had a nice rest since the summer, and we’re back to play some more shows. On the upcoming Sunday afternoon the 23rd we’ll be over at CHEZ Kit to play an acoustic set with a ton of new cool other acoustic acts. Check out the details here. Then its gonna be a Halloween Spectacular at Sprinkle Kingdom were there will be a show all day with BBQ,  crazy good music, plenty of bands, and the Impressionist CD release! Get the info here.

EP drop

So we just got back from our EP release.  Look For media coming from that soon.  In the mean time take a moment to download our album or order a physical copy here.  Many thanks to everyone who helped with our EP and our show.

CD Release Show!

Friday, August 26th, our EP will be hitting the streets! Come out to our release show that night, 8 PM, at SJ’s Fun House (43rd and Osage) to get your copy. Amazing acoustic acts will be preforming, check out the details here.

Also, we are announcing our New York Tour. We’ll be heading up north in early September, dates to be posted soon.

New Show and Other Exciting Announcements

Monkees of Folk will be playing a show this Friday at Sprinkle Kingdom. It’s a farewell show to Hello Creature who are leaving soon to go to Oakland, CA. Ton’s of great bands including JelykS, Riverwalk, and Ted Nguyent. Starts at 9pm sharp, so come out and have a great time with us. For more info on the show check it out here.

Also, Monkees of Folk is on its way to finishing our first EP! More info about the record will be coming soon, but we’ll be having a CD release party the last weekend of August, so start picking out your party hats and get ready to jam!